POCKETLESS Swerve - Crow Black

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The Swerve Shorts are not your run-of-the-mill cross training shorts; these shorts were made for men who are serious about yoga.

Our unique blend of nylon/polyester performance fabrics combine the ultimate in 4-way stretch-ability with moisture wicking technology. The liner is a non-abrasive, anti-microbial, and a secure boxer brief.
These shorts keep you focused on your practice, not your modesty.

Size Chart

SWERVE SHORT SIZING Waist Inseam Outseam
X-Small 26 - 28" 7 16 1/2
Small 29 - 31" 7 1/4 17 1/4
Medium 32 - 33" 7 1/2 18
Large 34 - 35" 7 3/4 18 3/4
X-Large 36 - 37" 8 19 1/2
XX-Large 38 - 40" 8 1/4 20 1/4

Customer Reviews

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Stephen M.
If I could have drawn

If I could have drawn up a pair of yoga shorts, I would have come up with something like these. Just handling the shorts, you can tell they're well made --they're substantial but not heavy. They breathe well. They're sleek and form-fitting -- this is important when you're flowing and doing inversions, etc. -- but not too tight. The length is just right. Five stars.

Randall D.
These are very comfortable, inner

These are very comfortable, inner lining is supportive. I like the looks and have had compliments. Highly recommended!

Andrew P.
I've tried a number of

I've tried a number of shorts, and these are a clear standout. I now have four pair.
Unrestricted movement, excellent fabric "weight" (not too flimsy, not too heavy), good length and coverage, secure waistband, very little movement/riding up of the interior liner during a practice. No distractions.
My waist size is 31, normally I go with medium but here small is the ideal fit for me. My humble advice: Ignore the opprobrium toxic masculinity places on the size "small." Go with the size that fits you.

Benjamin B.
Although I am newer to

Although I am newer to yoga, I have learned that in a hot yoga class ever advantage helps. These shorts are a clear advantage for comfort and flexibility. I definitely recommend them.

David C.
I use these shorts for

I use these shorts for yoga and Pilates. The fabric, inner brief, length, amount of leg opening, all reflect a design intended to facilitate our practice with comfort and ease. Many thanks!

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