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Having to replace gear every season sucks.  BUY ONCE, BUY RIGHT. Practice with intention...down to the clothes you wear.



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on Oct 19, 2018
"By far the best yoga shorts in my closet. Comfort, fit, style with a great comfortable liner. Checks all the boxes!!"
yogaguycapecod Verified Buyer
on Jul 29, 2018
"I love the shorts, and have found nothing else on the market like them. They have really helped my yoga practice by making it easier for me to move through all the poses. They are also incredibly comfortable. Without question, the best out there."
Richard Verified Buyer
on Jul 02, 2018
"Really just the best shorts for yoga. Comfortable, wicking, really well made. Couldn't ask for better clothing."
Yigal Weinstein Verified Buyer
on Feb 14, 2018
"Fit great, feel great, work great. I have some other really good shorts, but for yoga, mobility work and kettlebell workouts, these are now the only shorts I reach for. I actually just bought another pair."
G. Caldwell Verified Buyer
"Amazing shorts, love the pockets which a lot of yoga shorts do not have, the liner is perfect all around amazing short for hot yoga, yoga, crossfit, and all your related fitness needs."
J.P. Verified Buyer
on Nov 30, 2018
"I've been doing my hot yoga in Lululemon's Pace Breaker shorts. They've been fine but decided to get a pair of Yoga Crow when I saw they were the highest rated on Amazon. So glad that I did. They are SO comfortable!! It almost feels like your wearing nothing at all! Just bought 3 more pairs! Thanks Yoga Crow for making such comfortable shorts. Namaste!"
Matt W. Verified Buyer
on Jul 07, 2018
"These are great shorts--super comfortable, great fabric, and are thoughtfully designed so they don't bag, sag, or flash your crotch during inversions or sitting on the floor. Finally! They correct the problems of traditional gym shorts. The fabric has a lot of stretch, which enables the shorts to be cut slim without hindering movement or clinging to your body."
Strike Verified Buyer

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